Pigs in a (Post) Modern World: Modern Pig Masterpieces

The aim of Pigs in a (Post) Modern World is to draw attention to the cruelty of factory farming. Viewers are invited to reflect on the pig, not just as cute critters in imaginary settings but to consider the realities of life and death in today’s industrial agriculture.

My art presents a set of images – modern masterpieces – that in themselves are familiar and comfortable. By putting pigs in these pictures, I hope to gently unsettle the viewer and raise consciousness of the issues – sentient and intelligent animals are being subjected to cruel conditions to produce cheap supermarket and restaurant food.

Most of us don’t associate a living, breathing animal with the piece of boneless meat pristinely packaged and displayed in your supermarket. Because of consumer insensitivity–except to price, the agribusiness makes big profits while keeping prices low — on the backs of miserable food animals.

I have used appropriation (i.e., using the art of others, a practice common in post- modernist art), as a vehicle to draw attention to the life of the modern pig. Inspired by my studies in art history, I have selected well and lesser known modern masterpieces starting with the Post-Impressionist period and covering the entire Twentieth Century, to put the pig in the picture and perhaps also, top-of-mind.

Please enjoy looking at the Pig Masterpieces.