Animal Odyssey: A Five-Year Artistic Exploration of Animal-Human Relationships

As a “human book” for Nuit Blanche in 2015, I prepared a summary of my wAnimal Odysseyork devoted to the destructive practices of industrial agriculture.  In addition to my Modern Pig Masterpieces in  my 2010-2014 series, Pigs in a (Post) Modern World, I also introduced my recent research on beef eating as a major contributor to Climate Changes through a curatorial study entitled Cattle in Print: The Changing Pastoral. In he third stage of my animal odyssey, I switched my focus to a “cute but creepy “renditions of classical satyrs and fauns in a series called Animal Lovers, prompted by the hideous treatment for baby lambs and goats in the production of cheese and milk products.
Often people think that eating dairy is more humane than eating meat–Think again. There is no milk without the death of calves, lambs and baby goats, and ultimately the slaughter of spent cows, ewes and nanny goats.

Here is a document with more information: Animal Odessey