About Me

I am a visual artist and a first year MA student in Art History at Carleton University. With a background in science, technology and business, and degrees in earth sciences and psychology, I take an interdisciplinary approach in both my art practice and my academic research. My research interests surround ideas and questions about animals in art and the impacts of industrialized animal agriculture on the biosphere.

Since 2011 my work has been focused on drawing attention to the cruelty and destructiveness of factory farming. In my 2010-2014 series, Pigs in a (Post) Modern World, I recreated over fifty modern masterpieces, incorporating pigs in the picture to help raise consciousness of the sentient and social animals trapped in the industrialized food production system. In a curatorial study competed in 2015 I investigated the changing cattle industry over a two-hundred year period and its role as a major contributor to Climate Change. Then after seeing a disturbing footage on the treatment of new-born lambs, I completed a “cute but creepy” series of classical satyrs and fauns called Animal Lovers. In 2016-17 I worked on “The Animal in the Room.” The idea behind this project is to to put a face to the animals we call food — the animals whose meat, eggs, milk we consume daily.

I continue to work on a number of smaller one-off projects related to farm animals and/or the harms of  industrialized and technologized agricultural on a global scale.

I live and work in Britannia Village on the shores of the Ottawa River and think how lucky I am.

Beth Shepherd